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We think that style should be both easy and effortless, and that often comes from buying fewer things that are better—because they last for multiple seasons, because they play nicely with others, because they hold their shape and form. We believe you can build a great, multi-faceted wardrobe from a handful of true essentials. This is reflected both in our editorial coverage, and also in the Babe Shop. 

where you will only find pieces that offer true mileage—in other words, they won’t haunt you from your closet, tags intact.



We approach health and wellness from a place of unbiased and open-minded curiosity: In short, we want to get our own questions answered, with the idea that those same questions might be held by many of our readers. We work with incredible physicians, who trained at the best institutions, who publish in peer-reviewed journals, who persistently and aggressively maintain an open-mind because they believe that science and knowledge evolves all the time to answer these questions. We are drawn to doctors who are interested in both Western and Eastern modalities and incorporate the best from both, as they generally believe that while traditional medicine can be really good at saving lives, functional medicine is more adept at tackling issues that are chronic.