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5 Boujee items for International Travel

Written by Elizabeth Lynn


Posted on December 27 2018

YEAH I SAID IT- BOUJEE and if you're reading this right now then you boujee as hell too. 
Face it babes, no matter where you’re going next, there are always a few things you can add to your traveling tote bag to make getting around a little bit smoother or to function like the basic babe you are. I don’t know about you, but I’m usually boarding the plane when I think of something last minute that I should have brought. I put this list of essentials together when I started packing for my trip to Rome for ten glorious days of sunshine and Italian vino...LOTS of vinoooo!
That’s why we’re so excited to share with you our favorite traveling must-haves for when you’re stuck in the airport or halfway through that ten-hour flight.
Make-Up Remover Wipes/Wet Wipes
Whether it's washing your face or cleaning up after sex- GOODWIPES IS BAE. 
 If you’re like us and have a daily skincare regimen, traveling can be exhausting and tough on your routine. Washing your face and keeping your skin clean is an often overlooked “catch” of traveling that can happen when you’re on-the-go for hours, or days, at a time. Common occurrences like running through the airport to make your flight, sleeping with an eye-mask on, or forgetting to take off your makeup can attract unwanted oil and dirt into your skin, causing breakouts. Having a makeup remover wipes or wet wipes handy is an easy way to keep your skin clean until you can give it a good scrub. Wipes can also double for washing your hands, spilled coffee (or mimosas), or ensuring that your airplane seat is pristine.  Don’t let breakouts get the best of you on vacation, keep your skin clean.
Product we love:  Goodwipes Body Wipe $7.99
Underwear Bag- even if you're a commando babe
This underwear pouch is waterproof, which means if you're like me and tend to fall off yachts by accident then MochiThings Underwear Pouch was created for you. Even if you go commando, you can totally organize ANYTHING in this bad bitch underwear pouch. It's nylon so it's super hard to tear aka it will survive. There's an additional pocket built onto the side to hold any other shit you need.
Product we love: MochiThings Underwear Pouch v2 $31.95
Whether you meet a hot babe that needs sunscreen or protection for yourself- it's something you must travel with. White Girl Sunscreen is perfect for being on-the-go because it hydrates, protects, and TRAVELS! International Airport regulations for bringing liquids through security is anything 100mL or less. However, many international airports won’t let any liquid through security if it does not list the exact mL on the container, but White Girl Sunscreen has it listed right on the front of the pouch, clear as day. You’ll have no problem getting here, there, and everywhere with your White Girl.
Beauty Sleep 
Unfortunately, airports and planes are a losing combo when it comes to getting to sleep, or GOD FORBID, getting your beauty sleep. When getting some rest is out-of-reach because there’s a screaming baby on the plane (ugh) or the person behind you won’t stop snoring- you need something to knock you the F OUT! I suggest taking Trader Joe's Sleep Formula and wash it down with a water (or a vodka-soda with lime), get comfy, and dream about all the fun things you’ll be doing on your trip! WHY THOUGH- it doesn't give you a sleep hangover. Take 2 hours before you want to pass the F OUT. 
Eye Drops 
You might not wear contacts, but that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer from what I’ve dubbed “traveler’s dry eye.” Let’s face it- no one can take a selfie when your eye looks like Fetty Wap.
Anytime we’re in a new place, there are all kinds of things in the air that we’re not used to, like dirt, birds, dust, plants, and pollen. This goes for being inside the airport or on the plane, and outside when you’ve reached your destination. Keeping your ducts moisturized is important, because the last thing anyone needs on vacation is a surface scratch and a trip to the eye doctor.
Secondary tip: Listen to what your eyes are telling you. If they are swollen, red, itchy, or runny, you may be allergic to something in your hotel.
Boujee Mirror 
Literally consider this your best friend while traveling. I've gotten ready in the most repulsive places while looking boujee AF with my Floxsee. It's super compact, which is great for traveling. Plus, how many times have you been somewhere with all your girlfriends and there's not enough mirrors- it's your chance to be a hero.
Floxsee Portable Tri-View Mirror